The emblem of lake Caldaro, Leuchtenburg Castle, shows up at nearly every picture of the lake.

A hiking path takes you directly to Leuchtenburg Castle, dating back to 1200. This ruin towers above Vadena and S. Giuseppe al Lago and is very characteristic for the area round lake Caldaro. We recommend you to make a trip to the forested hill and and to Leuchtenburg Castle in spring or autumn (in summer it is definitely too hot).

In Caldaro, there are two residences, which are still inhabited. However, from outside you can look at these buildings. Sallegg Castle and Campan Castle are located in the locality of Villa di Mezzo and are surrounded by a cultivated park, as it was usual in ancient times.

  1. Castelchiaro


    High above Lake Caldaro, the legendary Castelvecchio fortress rises up to the sky.
  2. Sallegg Castle

    Sallegg Castle

    The history of Castel Sallegg can be retraced back to the 16th century and is…
  3. Castel Campan

    Castel Campan

    Still today the imperial Renaissance castle reminds on the Lords of Campan.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Schlosshotel Aehrental

    Schlosshotel Aehrental

  2. Hotel Leuchtenburg

    Hotel Leuchtenburg

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