rastenbachklamm bach bruecke
rastenbachklamm bach bruecke

Mountains and hiking

Sunny slopes and stunning panoramic views await you along the hiking paths in the area of Lake Caldaro

The well-marked hiking paths around Caldaro and Termeno invite you to explore this beautiful spot of land in the south of South Tyrol. You can choose between a pleasant tour around Lake Caldaro or a ride with the Mendola Funicular with a subsequent hike to Mt. Roen. Down in the valley, however, there are natural monuments such as the Ice Holes near Appiano or the wild Rastenbach Gorge in the Castelvecchio Forest.

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  1. RS herbst weinberge bei steinegger eppan

    Through the beech forest to the Kalterer Höhe

    This beautiful autumnal hike leads through colourful woods at the slope of the…
  2. RS blick auf ansitz kreithof eppan

    From the Calvary to the Kreithof Winery

    This easy and pleasant hike on the edge of the Monticolo Forest leads to the…
  3. RS gasthof buchwald eppaner hoehenweg

    Appiano High Route

    This spring tour leads us from Matschatsch along the Appiano High Route to Faedo and back.
  4. RS kalterer hoehenweg april seeblick

    Caldaro High Route

    Our hint for a nice hike in spring leads along the famous Caldaro High Route from…
  5. RS fruehlingstal maerzenbecher

    Through the Spring Valley

    The pleasant walk from Caldaro to the Monticolo Lakes leads through the valley of…
  6. wanderung soell graun

    From Sella to Corona

    This hike through the woods near Termeno and Cortaccia is perfect to enjoy the late…
  7. RS mendel prinzwiesen herbstwald

    From the Passo della Mendola to the Bait del Prinz

    This medium-long hike takes us to one of the most suggestive and panoramic…
  8. RS goldener herbst abendlicht weinreben mazon

    From Mazzon to Pinzano

    The sunny slopes near Egna and Montagna are ideal for relaxing autumn tours, when…
  9. RS kastelazweg aussicht unterland

    Kastelaz Path from Termeno to Cortaccia

    This nice walk through the forest at the foot of Mt. Roen leads from Termeno to Cortaccia.
  10. RS forstweg valplon kalterer unterberg

    Monte di Sotto Trail in Monticolo

    The southern part from Langmoos to the cliffs of Vadena, near the Monticolo Lakes,…
  11. muehlenweg aldein

    Aldino Mill Path

    The Mill Path in Aldino is not only an adventure for children but also a real…
  12. RS Ueberetsch Kaltern Kalterer See Biotop

    Around Lake Caldaro

    The lovely walk around the lake leads past vineyards, the biotope, the Nature…
  13. RS leuchtenburg aussicht richtung salurner klause

    To the Castelchiaro Fortress

    The legendary Castelchiaro Fortress high above Lake Caldaro is a popular excursion…
  14. von tramin nach soell

    From Termeno to Sella

    This short walk through the vineyards of Termeno includes a visit of the beautiful…
  15. RS kalterer rosszaehne

    To the Horse Teeth rock formations

    Near the Castelchiaro Fortress above Lake Caldaro there’s another highlight, the…
  16. RS wanderweg zum roen

    From Mt. Mendola to Mt. Roen

    At the summit of the Passo Mendola mountain pass, the province and language border…
  17. RS Kaltern Troepfltal Markierung Weg wandern RD

    Through the Tröpfltal valley in Caldaro

    A beautiful walking tour in spring leads through the nice Tröpfltal valley in the…
  18. RS Dreiburgenwanderung Innenhof Hocheppan P

    Three Castles Walk

    Exploring three castles - Corba, Appiano and Boymont - is possibible in the Three…
  19. Bletterbachschlucht

    Hike through the Bletterbach Canyon

    The Rio delle Foglie or Bletterbach Gorge, the “Grand Canyon of South Tyrol”, is…
  20. rastenbachklamm bach bruecke

    Through the Rastenbach Gorge

    A fascinating tour leads through the wild and romantic biotope of the Rastenbach…
  21. RS altenburg kaltern friedensweg

    Peace Trail

    The Peace Trail with its different stations leads from Caldaro village through the…
  22. RS tramin gebiet rechtental

    Cholera Path

    A pleasant round trail leads from Termeno through a landscape of gentle hills to…
  23. eisloecher eppan

    To the Ice Holes in Appiano

    This hike to the Ice Holes in Appiano Monte, a natural phenomenon, is very popular…
  24. RS Kaltern Kalterer See Herbst

    To Lake Caldaro on the wine.trail

    The “wein.weg” (wine.trail) leads you from the centre of Caldaro village past…
  25. RS weinreben bei buchholz rosen

    Further hikes

    The Oltradige area and the south of South Tyrol offer many more hiking paths and…

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