Other sports

The wide variety of sports facilities in Caldaro and Termeno includes minigolf, horse riding and much more.

The variety of offers regarding sports and outdoor activities in the surroundings of Lake Caldaro is huge. Not only cycling and hiking is a pleasure, but also tennis, horse riding, minigolf and sport shooting are on offer. The area is also well-known for its sports events, such as the legendary Lake Caldaro Triathlon which has been taking place for more than 30 years.

  1. Climbing and mountaineering

    Climbing and mountaineering

    Both beginners and professional climbers are going to feel at ease on the rocks of…
  2. Tennis


    Andreas Seppi, the famous tennis star, learned to play tennis on these courts.
  3. Horse riding

    Horse riding

    In Caldaro horse freaks to not have to do without their favourite animal.
  4. Golf


    Swing your golf club in the surroundings of Caldaro.
  5. Miniature golf

    Miniature golf

    Directly at lake Caldaro, there is a miniature golf course.
  6. Jogging


    You love jogging? Caldaro and surroundings is a great place for this outdoor activity.
  7. Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking

    A very healthy method to explore the landscape of Caldaro and surroundings.
  8. Shooting range

    Shooting range

    Would you like to test your shooting skills? Sport shooting, that’s what you can…
  9. Paragliding and hang gliding

    Paragliding and hang gliding

    The local flex-wing club “Lee Devils”, founded in 1995, offers flights for all interested.
  10. Lake Caldaro Triathlon

    Lake Caldaro Triathlon

    The International Lake Caldaro Triathlon takes place every year in May.
  11. Winter sports

    Winter sports

    Even if you can not ski in Caldaro, several skiing areas are within easy reach.

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