The surroundings of beautiful Lake Caldaro are rich in attractions and places of interest.

A large variety of highlights are spread in the charming villages of Caldaro and Termeno - the wide range includes both natural monuments such as the Rastenbach Gorge, and listed buildings such as the St. Peter Basilica. While facilities such as the Wine Museum close during winter, other highlights such as the Mendola Funicular offer an unforgettable experience the whole year round.

  1. Nature and landscape

    Nature and landscape

    Beautiful Lake Caldaro, the vineyards and the forests offer ideal prerequisites for…
  2. Sights


    Below a series of sights that are worth to be visited in the surroundings of Lake Caldaro.
  3. Museums and exhibitions

    Museums and exhibitions

    Have a look at the museums in Caldaro and Termeno.
  4. Castles


    The emblem of lake Caldaro, Leuchtenburg Castle, shows up at nearly every picture…
  5. Tradition and culture

    Tradition and culture

    Caldaro and surroundings, to to speak the Oltradige region, is rich in customs and…
  6. Wine


    Viticulture has got a long tradition in Caldaro and surroundings

Suggested accommodations

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  4. Hotel Torgglhof

    Hotel Torgglhof

  5. Hotel Leuchtenburg

    Hotel Leuchtenburg

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