Lake Caldaro and surroundings

The warmest lake for bathing in the Alps attracts visitors from all over. However, this area has got much more to offern than the lake.

Come with us on a vitrual tour across the villages of Termeno and Caldaro on the South Tyrolean Wine Route and learn more about the lake, the places and their history.

  1. Caldaro


    A lovely plot of land and noble wine, that’s what Caldaro is about.
  2. Termeno


    This wine village of Termeno is the hometown of the famous Gewuerztraminer wine.

Suggested accommodations: Lake Caldaro and surroundings show all

  1. Hotel Hasslhof

    Hotel Hasslhof

  2. Haus am See
    Bed & breakfast

    Haus am See

  3. Camping St. Josef am See

    Camping St. Josef am See

  4. Hotel Seeleiten

    Hotel Seeleiten