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Helpful driving information

Here you find the most important traffic regulations and other helpful details about law in Italy

You must use dipped headlights during the day while travelling on motorways and major roads outside cities.

Warning vest:
Since 2004 warning vests are obligatory on Italian roads - you must carry it always with you in the car to have the possibility to show it or to use it in emergency cases. A warning triangle and a first aid kit are obligatory as well - a fire extinguisher, however, is recommended but not obligatory.

Winter tyres:
Winter equipment obligation for cars is valid from November 15 to April 15. During this period cars must only be driven if equipped with winter tyres (or all-season tyres M+S). Snow chains are necessary in case the road is continuously or almost continuously covered with snow or ice.

Child seats:
The alarm requirement for child seats came into force on 7 Nov 2019: Parents of children up to 4 years have 120 days to provide the child seat with an alarm system to prevent small children from being forgotten in the car. This obligation applies to vehicles registered in Italy. As of 6 March 2020, the checks and penalties provided for will also be introduced: The fines amount from 83 to 323 Euros, and you have to reckon a deduction of 5 driving licence points and up to two months of temporary driving licence suspension (in the case of another offence within two years).

Brennero Motorway:
Watch out! On the Brennero Motorway (A22) the maximum speed is limited to 110 km/h - not to 130 km/h as usual on Italian motorways.

Speed limit:
Exceeding the speed limit is punished with heavy fines - by 10 km/h with a fine of 100 Euros and more, by 40 km/h and more the driving license is withdrawn for several months.

Wildlife accident:
Since November 2019, a wildlife accident must also be reported if the wild animal was only hit - previously, this was only the case if the animal died as a result of the accident. The responsible authority is e.g. the Forestry Station Caldaro, phone: +39 0471 963147.

Further fines are given e.g. for disregard of the obligation to put on a seat belt, not having a ticket on toll roads and not stopping for pedestrians on a crosswalk.

Blood-alcohol limit:
The maximum blood alcohol limit is at 0.5 ‰. Also drunken pedestrians can be stopped and fined by the police.

Smoking cannabis is punished with the withdrawal of the driving licence or other valid papers. A charge is pressed.

More useful information:

  • The use of mobile phones and other mobile devices while driving is prohibited.

  • Electric cars may only be parked at charging stations for the duration of charging.

  • E-scooters may travel at a maximum speed of 20 km/h and 6 km/h in pedestrian zones. Driving and parking on pavements is prohibited.

  • Smoking:
    An official ban on smoking in all enclosed public places has come into force in Italy on July 1, 2005. Fines may amount up to 2,000 Euros. Few bars are not subject to the ban but are required to have designated smoking areas, which must be sealed off from the rest of the premises and fulfil strict criteria.

  • Fake products:
    Bying fake brand products is punished with heavy fines.

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