Viticulture has got a long tradition in Caldaro and surroundings

Caldaro and surroundings is characterised by a long wine growing tradition. In Caldaro, there is also the only wine museum of its kind in South Tyrol. This museum provides interesting information about viticulture tradition. Moreover an educational trail demonstrates early methods of vinegrowing.

However, the most important grape variety is the Vernatsch. It is the most important grape variety in South Tyrol, as it covers about 60% of the cultivation area, whereas white wines Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay cover about 15%.

Of course also in this wine growing area, climate and soil are decisive for cultivation and also characterise the taste of different wines.

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  1. Wine Academy South Tyrol

    Wine Academy South Tyrol

    The seat of the Wine Academy South Tyrol is located in the historic residence Pach…
  2. Vines Museum

    Vines Museum

    The Vines Museum is located in a farm on a small hill in the west part of Caldaro.
  3. Wine vaults

    Wine vaults

    A series of wine cellars are spread all over Caldaro and Termeno.
  4. Climate & soil

    Climate & soil

    Like in all other vine-growing areas in the world, also in Caldaro the landscape…
  5. Grape variety

    Grape variety

    South Tyrol offers a variety of about 20 types of grapevines.
  6. Wine types

    Wine types

    These types of wine are cultivated in the area of Lake Caldaro.
  7. Vintage


    According to their maturity, the grapes are harvested in September and/or October.
  8. The wine in the course of the seasons

    The wine in the course of the seasons

    In order to bottle a good wine in the end, a lot of work has to be done in the…
  9. wein.kaltern


    In 1999, winemakers, tourism experts, farmers and public representatives founded…
  10. Wine tastings

    Wine tastings

    Get an insight into a local winery and taste the best wines of the area!
  11. Wine Tips

    Wine Tips

    A visit to the Wine Museum, recommended wine temperatures and much more – here you…
  12. South Tyrolean Wine Route Weeks

    South Tyrolean Wine Route Weeks

    For two weeks in early summer, the South Tyrolean Wine Route causes surprise.
  13. Caldaro Wine Days

    Caldaro Wine Days

    Every year in September, fine pleasures of life and excellent wines await you in…
  14. Termeno Wine Lane Festival

    Termeno Wine Lane Festival

    The Termeno Wine Lane Festival, “Traminer Weingassl” in German, rounds off the…
  15. Caldaro “All in White“

    Caldaro "All in White“

    On June the market square of Caldaro is venue for a special event dedicated to the…
  16. Wine hiking day

    Wine hiking day

    Every year on the occasion of the beginning of spring, Caldaro offers a wine hiking…

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