A lovely plot of land and noble wine, that’s what Caldaro is about.

Caldaro comprises nine localities located on a sea level of 200 to 600 m. That is to say, it is composed of several floors. The highest located locality is lovely Castelvecchio, whearas the lowest is S. Giuseppe al Lago.

Up and down… just have a look at the following list!

> Caldaro: 426 m asl
> Castelvecchio - 612 m asl
> San Nicolò - 569 m asl
> Sant’Antonio - 513 m asl
> Pianizza di Sopra - 504 m asl
> Pozzo - 500 m asl
> Villa di Mezzo - 477 m asl
> Pianizza di Sotto - 436 m asl
> San Giuseppe al Lago - 214 m asl

And these are some figures regarding Caldaro in 2006: 7,249 inhabitants, a total area of about 4,796 hectares, of which 2,271 hectares of forest and 1,475 hectares under cultivation.

Of course everyone knows the wine “Kalterer-See-Auslese” as well as other famous wines like Lagrein, Cabernet or Sauvignon, which are produced in Caldaro wineries.

There are numerous places of interest as well as popular events. The “South Tyroleran Wine Museum” provides interesting information about wine, and there are also numerous summer festivals in Caldaro…

Caldaro is a very lively place!

  1. Caldaro Village

    Caldaro Village

    The village is the actual centre of Caldaro and is located on 426 m asl..
  2. S. Giuseppe al Lago

    S. Giuseppe al Lago

    At the west lakeside, directly at lake Caldaro, there is the small village of S.…
  3. Campi al Lago

    Campi al Lago

    Campi al Lago is located at the east lakeside of lake Caldaro (214 m asl).
  4. Villa di Mezzo

    Villa di Mezzo

    Surrounded by vineyards and numerous residences, Villa di Mezzo is located at 477 m asl..
  5. S. Nicolò

    S. Nicolò

    At the foot of the Mendola mountain, there is the locality of S. Nicolò, located…
  6. Pianizza di Sopra

    Pianizza di Sopra

    Pianizza di Sopra is located on the Mendola Road at an altitude of 504 m asl
  7. Pianizza di Sotto

    Pianizza di Sotto

    Also Pianizza di Sotto (436 m asl) is located on the Wine Road and borders on…
  8. S. Antonio

    S. Antonio

    The small village of Sant’Antonio is the neighbouring village of S. Nicolò.
  9. Pozzo


    Pozzo is a tiny village and is the neighbouring locality of Sant’Antonio.
  10. Castelvecchio


    Castelvecchio is the highest located village of Caldaro, situated at 612 m asl..

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  1. Hotel Hasslhof

    Hotel Hasslhof

  2. Parc Hotel am See

    Parc Hotel am See

  3. Hotel Thalhof am See

    Hotel Thalhof am See

  4. Garni Florian

    Garni Florian

  5. Haus am See
    Bed & breakfast

    Haus am See

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