Nature and landscape

Above all Lake Caldaro makes the village and its surroundings so special.

Especially if the weather is fine, Caldaro offers a fascinating scenery. The lake, the vineyards and the forests offer ideal prerequisites for hiking and form a harmonic natural ensemble.

Only a stone’s throw away you come across the natural phenomenon of the ice holes at an altitude of 500 m asl. This is where alpine plants grow due to cool air that exits the above mentioned holes. However, in the so-called spring valley (Valle della Primavera) the first flowers cover the meadows already at the end of February. Many sunshine hours provide warmth and also the sub-Mediterranean benefits form the mild climate that prevails in this area.

So generally speaking Caldaro and surroundings offer a special mixture of cultural and natural landscape.

  1. Lake Caldaro

    Lake Caldaro

    The basin of Lake Caldaro is part of the former riverbed of the Adige river.
  2. Valle della Primavera

    Valle della Primavera

    Due to the beneficial climatic conditions, the blossom of spring can be enjoyed…
  3. Rio delle Foglie gorge

    Rio delle Foglie gorge

    This wild romantic gorge is not only a biotope, but also a popular excursion…
  4. Mendola mountain

    Mendola mountain

    The Mendola mountain ridge represents the border between the Italian-speaking…
  5. Roen mountain

    Roen mountain

    The Roen is 2,116 m high and belongs to the Province of Trento.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Feldererhof


  2. Hotel Arndt

    Hotel Arndt

  3. B&B Tirolerin

    B&B Tirolerin

  4. Hotel Torgglhof

    Hotel Torgglhof

  5. Parc Hotel am See

    Parc Hotel am See

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