Below a series of sights that are worth to be visited in the surroundings of Lake Caldaro.

Caldaro and surroundings offers a wide variety of sights. Castles, mansions, churches or also the Mendola funicular… places of interest that absolutely need to be discovered when you are on holidays. Unique impressions, in combination with a little walk across the village or the vineyards, these experiences are going to make your holidays so special in this area.

  1. Mendola funicular railway

    Mendola funicular railway

    Another attraction is the Mendola funicular railway, which is one of the longest…
  2. Churches


    Every village has its own parish church and usually the church also represents the…
  3. Klotzbank viewpoint

    Klotzbank viewpoint

    A great viewpoint close to the sports facilities of Castelvecchio.
  4. Calvario mountain

    Calvario mountain

    Above all in the fastening period, the Calvario mountain in Caldaro is a very…
  5. Sights in the surroundings

    Sights in the surroundings

    Places of interest in Caldaro, Termeno and surroundings at a glance.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Schlosshotel Aehrental

    Schlosshotel Aehrental

  2. Hotel Leuchtenburg

    Hotel Leuchtenburg

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