Tradition and culture

The area of Caldaro and Termeno, so to speak the beautiful Oltradige, is rich in history, ancient customs and traditions.

Legends tell about the origins of Lake Caldaro, the mythical character of the “Saltner” watched for centuries over the vineyards, and the traditional costume of the Oltradige - the “Überetscher Tracht” - is still worn on feast days or at the parades of the village bands. And indeed there’s definitely something to celebrate here between Carnival, summer and Christmas. Join us!

  1. Sagas and Legends

    Sagas and Legends

    Truth or myth? A legendary village has much to tell.
  2. History of Caldaro

    History of Caldaro

    About the special archeology and the story of the village.
  3. Maria von Mörl

    Maria von Mörl

    The “ecstatic lady” from Caldaro.
  4. The “Saltner”

    The "Saltner"

    An ancient and traditional figurine for the protection of vineyards.
  5. Oltradige folklore costume

    Oltradige folklore costume

    Taking a closer look at the traditional costume of the Oltradige.
  6. The blue apron

    The blue apron

    The typical farmers’ apron belongs to Caldaro like the Mendola, the lake and the wine.
  7. Oltradige architecture

    Oltradige architecture

    The rather Mediterranean architecture of the Oltradige is apparent at the ancient…
  8. Library


    You forgot to bring your own books? No problem, the offer in the local libraries is wide!
  9. Sacred Heart Fires

    Sacred Heart Fires

    In June the summits of the surrounding mountains are illuminated by fires.
  10. Egetmann Carnival Parade

    Egetmann Carnival Parade

    One of South Tyrol’s craziest carnival customs takes place in Termeno!
  11. ’s Kalterer Christkindl

    ’s Kalterer Christkindl

    Caldaro offers a very special Christmas market, that is called “s’Kalterer Christkindl“.
  12. Christmas Markets in South Tyrol

    Christmas Markets in South Tyrol

    Romantic Advent atmosphere is guaranteed on the Christmas Markets of South Tyrol.
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