Lake Caldaro

The basin of Lake Caldaro is part of the former riverbed of the Adige river.

Lake Caldaro is not only the warmest lake for bathing in the Alps, but also one of the largest lakes in South Tyrol, which in general is rather poor in lakes. Bathing in this lake is possible from May to September.
This lake is about 1.8 km long and 0.9 km wide and comprises an area of about 155 hectares. Moreover it is about 4 m deep and it is located 216 m asl.

Campi al Lago on the left lakeside is one of the most sunny localities round the lake, while canes characterise the southern lakeside. The west and east end are meant for bathing and offer a bathhouse, lawn for sunbathing as well as a swimming pool and excellent restaurants. Moreover there is a spacious parking area.

Furthermore there are also several hotels and other accommodations available at the lakeside. For those who prefer camping, there are also two campsites just off the lake. There are a large number of leisure time activities that can be practised on lake Caldaro, including sailing, surfing and pedaloing and of course it is possible to rent the equipment. Motorboats are not permitted.

Lake Caldaro offers perfect conditions for surfing, as from March to September, there is the so called “Ora”, which is a southerly wind coming from lake Garda at 1 pm.

Moreover this lake is richly inhabited by freshwater muscles as well as numerous fish species, for example carps, pikes, zander, perch and eels. If you would like to go fishing, you just have to acquire a day ticket (also available for tourists) at the tourist office or directly at the lakeshore.

In 2006 the Italian environment association Legambiente declared Lake Caldaro to be the clearest Italian lake, second only to lake Sirio in Piedmont. Due to its clear waters and the oh-so lovely scenic landscape that surrounds it, Lake Caldaro is a very popular destination.

By the way: in public areas and beaches at the lakeside dogs are not permitted.

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    Lake Caldaro is also a paradise for animals!
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    Water temperature of lake Caldaro

    The warmest lake for bathing in the Alps is a real pleasure for all those who love…

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