The Toerggelen has got a long tradition in the south of South Tyrol and is still very popular.

In late autumn, when the grapes have been delivered at the celleries or deposited in the farmers’ cellars, the bright side of autumn starts, not only for guests, but obviously also for local farmers.

Toerggelen is an ancient tradition. The term comes from “Torggl“, which was used to define the room in which once upon a time the wine press was stored and where the Toerggelen took place.

In the course of time the Toerggele tradition was seconded into the cosy local taverns.
The Toerggelen includes drinking new wine, eating tasty bread, cheese and delicious bacon, roasted chestnuts, singing and chatting with each other. Also a meat platter is part of a traditional Toerggele dish.
Would you like to know more about this South Tyrolean tradition? So come and experience an evening in one of the Toerggele taverns in Caldaro.

  1. Sweet chestnut

    Sweet chestnut

    Not a very long time ago, the chestnut was worthless. Today, this fruit is very…
  2. Toerggele dishes

    Toerggele dishes

    From dumplings to sweet crullers, many tasty dishes are offered in a Toerggele evening.
  3. Toerggele taverns

    Toerggele taverns

    The so-called Buschenschaenke in Caldaro offer traditional Toerggele evenings.

Suggested accommodations

  1. Parc Hotel am See

    Parc Hotel am See

  2. Das Badl

    Das Badl

  3. Biobauernhof St. Quirinus

    Biobauernhof St. Quirinus

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