RS fruehlingstal maerzenbecher
RS fruehlingstal maerzenbecher

Spring Valley

Due to the beneficial climatic conditions of the Oltradige area, the first heralds of spring can be enjoyed very early here.

If the meteorological conditions allow, already in the last days of winter a hiking path between Appiano (Eppan) and Caldaro (Kaltern) is covered with a colourful carpet of wild flowers bursting newly into bloom. While elsewhere skiers enjoy the still perfectly groomed ski slopes, here in the Spring Valley the first liverworts and spring snowflakes stick their heads through the earth and dip the browny landscape in colours of green, white and purple. Some weeks later, crocuses and violets, primroses and common lungworts, pilewort and anemones follow.

The Spring Valley - “Frühlingstal” in German, “Valle della Primavera” in Italian - is also known as Fabión Valley. It represents a climatic phenomenon and a botanical highlight, as well as a beautiful biotope and a popular recreation area. Since the Spring Valley is located in a swampy basin, it is climatically favoured: the warm air from the south enters the valley and brings spring flowers bursting to life around the small Rio Angola brook, which is surrounded by alders. Please note that the area is protected - it is strictly forbidden to pick flowers!

The walk through the Spring Valley leads without a major altitude difference from the Big Monticolo Lake in Appiano to the Monte di Mezzo mountain, and down into the basin of Lake Caldaro - or vice versa. From the starting (or end) point in Caldaro, it’s only a short walk to the shores of the lake. The 1.5-hour hike through the valley is particularly recommendable at the end of February and in early March and attracts also many families and hobby photographers.

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