RS tramin mit roen
RS tramin mit roen

History of Termeno

Millennia-old finds were made in Termeno, known all over the world for its exquisite and eponymous Gewurztraminer wine

Termeno’s coat of arms:
The coat of arms of the wine village of Termeno (Tramin) illustrates a golden star and a golden crescent moon on a blue background. It is presumed that it refers to the shield motif of the once powerful Lords of Appiano - the current coat of arms of Appiano (Eppan) looks very similar.

Findings from ancient times:
Among the oldest findings in the area there is a Celtic standing stone, a so-called menhir, which was found in 1880 in the district of Ronchi. It is believed to date back to the second millennium BC - today it is on display in the Tyrolean State Museum Ferdinandeum in Innsbruck. In 1988 in the inner courtyard of the parish residence a marble head of a young man was found, dating back to the second century BC. Also finds from Roman times were discovered in the municipal area.

Important dates regarding the history:
- 1084-1106: a ground rent from Termeno mentioned for the first time
- 1213: first gastald (judge and administrator) appointed
- 1220-1230: Romanesque frescoes in the St. James in Kastelaz Church realised
- 1230: St. Cyricus Church (parish church later on) mentioned for the first time
- 1414: Termeno becomes an autonomous parish
- 1441: Gothic frescoes in the St. James in Kastelaz Church realised
- 1451: flourishing wine trade documented
- 1498: first mayor (Hans Hafner) appointed
- 1508: bell of St. Valentine, the oldest one of Termeno, documented
- 1777: Termeno under the official reign of the Counts of Tyrol
- 1978: city partnership Termeno - Rödermark (D)
- 1994: city partnership Termeno - Mindelheim (D)
- 1998: city partnership Termeno - Schwaz (A)

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