A walk from Sella to Corona

A hike through the woods in Termeno and Cortaccia to enjoy the autumn atmosphere.

It is the end of November, the autumn is coming to an end and the the Advent period is approaching. This period is perfect for a suggestive walk or a hike in the surroundings of the lake Caldaro. All those who decide for a walk or a hike at the foot of the Mendola mountain, should start the tour in the morning because already at 2 p.m. the area is in shade and walking in these conditions could be not comfortable.

We start our hike from Sella near Termeno, at the church of San Maurizio. We follow the path climbing up along the road towards Castelvecchio to reach the signpost nr. 4A “Zogglerwiesen” (the meadow Zoggler). The first part of the trail is an asphalt road which climbs up until some farmsteads, after that we walk on a pleasant forest path in the wood. In the Valle dell’Inferno (the Hell Valley) we cross a bridge over the stream and we walk up to reach Zogglerwiese. Here we find a beautiful area with a fire protection pond surrounded by larches, which are dressed with the colours of the autumn season. That is the perfect place for a break, we decide to eat here our packed lunch and relax.

After the lunch we walk towards Corona, following the path nr. 4. The autumn wood gives way to gentle meadows now at the farmstead Lenzenhof until Corona. In Corona there are many hotels with restaurants. We come back to our starting point following the same path, as alternative there is a bus to reach Cortaccia and then Termeno and Sella.

Author: AT

Please note: when you plan to do this hike, please inform yourself about the condition of the trail!

Starting point: Sella near Termeno. It is possible to start from Castelvecchio to avoid climbing up at the beginning of the hike.
Trail Number: 4A, 10A, 4A, 4, 9
Trail Length: about 7,1 km (each way)
Walking time: ca. 2 ore (each way)
Altitude difference: 480 m
Altitude: 430 - 890 m a.s.l.
Experienced in: November 2011

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Hasslhof

    Hotel Hasslhof

  2. Garni Brunnenhof

    Garni Brunnenhof

  3. Hotel Jagdhof

    Hotel Jagdhof

  4. Hotel Goldener Stern

    Hotel Goldener Stern

  5. Klosterhof


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