The locality of Ronchi is located in the south of the village centre, in sunny location at a wine-slope.

Ronchi, located at an altitude of 318 m asl, has got about 140 inhabitants and is located in the south of Termeno village. This little village can be reached via a narrow street from Termeno and Cortaccia. In this landscape characterised by vineyards, in 1880, slightly below the village, a menhir was found, which proves that this area has already been settled in the prehistoric times. This menhir is today exhibited in the Ferdinandeum, Provincial Museum in Innsbruck.

Until 1978 this village was part of the municipality of Cortaccia and it consists of a series of farms and other buildings. The neo-Romanesque church in the centre was planned by Ferdinand Mungenast in Bolzano in the year 1900 and was built one year after. The pointed spire, however, was added only in 1908. In the interior the church boasts an altar with sculptures of S. Joseph, Franz von Sales and Theresia von Avilla, made by an artist of the Valgardena valley.

Suggested accommodations: Ronchi

  1. Runggnerhof


  2. Finkenhof


  3. Weishof


  4. Ritterhof


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